Concepts for travel and stay

In leisure-design and leisure service-design, tourism is seen as a cultural phenomenon, not as something that emergers on a marketers’ spreadsheet and vanishes into thin air after he paid the bill. Tourism is not a product that is produced on one side and consumed by the other. It is experienced through different modalities that are produced not only by tangible but especially intangible elements. It is an experience that can be highly personal and does not leave any tangible traces other than perhaps a souvenir. Yet the traveller, the tourist, the millennial, the backpacker and daytripper are all led by the intangible. It is easy do discard it if you can’t see and feel it. Understanding the underlying emotions and cultural implications, provides insight into the way the tourist-product is experienced and consumed.

Concepts for travel and stay

Experience design and conceptingFeeling special

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