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Cityguide company? Travel-startup? Touringguide-creator?

Struggling with the following?
  • How do I stay ahead of competition?
  • I want to be local but can't get the local knowledge I need;
  • I want to offer more alternative tours but I can "only" get the traditional tourist;
  • I can't seem to make local connections
  • The guides I use, aren't really local, and it shows;
  • There is too much change in local staff/guides;
  • I give tip-based tours but it doesn't pay;
  • I try to "lose the umbrella" but it doesn't seem to work;
  • I don't know exactly which group I'm aiming for, anymore.

Reality 1: " I am a multinational, operating in x different European cities "

Reality 2: " I am a talented entrepeneur and I know 7 people in 6 different European cities "

Both realities might be the same reading of your reality.



  • - Professional training- and production manual for Cityguide-companies!

  • - Knowledge-integration: collaborative and experiential learning and transferance of knowledge-creation

  • - International collaborations

  • - On-site implementation;

  • -  On-location training and practice

  • Throughout Europe!

>Creating a tangible “project-body” for your organisation


Creating a tangible “project-body” for your organisation


Experiential learning and knowledgebuilding



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