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Integrated mediaconcepts

Media integration is not just about integrating media, it is the incorporation of mediating factors, in order to create an experience with or to make a space into a different one, through the process of mediation.

It is not simply putting an object in the room and trusting your luck. A picture, for instance has a mediating quality but has little behaviour-mediating effect. A souvenir, on the other hand, is what is known as a tool of transformation. It transforms reality, memory, mood, room and even affects the way we look at the world and ourselves.

" It's a pity the word media is so laden with mostly superficial emotion, upon viewing it. It is more than just a picture. It's texture, temperature, the way your chair communicates with your body, the pattern in a uniform, communicating with a large part of our civilisation, and so on. "

—Benjamin Antman

Benjamin Antman - Media Designer

Benjamin Antman is capable of welding the tangible and untangible world into a modern and exiting new environment, capabel of being faster than time can follow.

With 8 years in communication and design with a focus on graphics and concept design. Excellent skils in Adobe CS, Inkscape, MS Office, editing and Media Theory. BASc in Digital Culture and Communication.

Excellent english with 6 years experience of working and studying in international environments. Creative, driven and utterly fearless.

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Mushroom world - Benjamin Antman Mycosculpture - Benjamin Antman