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International Tourguide companies


Creating a tangible “project-body” for your organisation

Adopting the role of local organisation and collaboration-partner greatly broadens your perspectives. In service– and tour-design I look upon the local presence of Original Europe Tours, as beeing a project based-organisation. Although very specific aswell as general research is used and employed, the actual location based activities such as location-production, guide-training and tour-training and especially the inter-local strategies of selecting and producing networkpartners- and activities, are very specific and custom tailored to your company and locations. With project-integration you literally get all the good stuff:
  1. Knowledge,
  2. Local presence;
  3. A poject-based organisation, without losing any of your brand image;
  4. International connections that actually mean something,
  5. Training manuals and practical production processes;
  6. Full-on Tourguide training and practical tourguiding;
  7. Tour production techniques;
  8. A huge knowledgebase and local contacts that last longer than your average barterdeal for a free beer in a pubcrawl!

Experiential learning and knowledgebuilding