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On my blog you can read all of the serious stuff. Yes, I know, I’m a professional idiot 😉 For the shorter and less autistic stuff, a few megabites are reserved below.

Short Stuff

Optimism is an invaluable trait!

Your guides in the various European cities are valuable hubs of knowledge! They are usually popular- certainly withing pubcrawls and partytype groups and the have an optimistic quality about them.<br> <br> In networks- both virtual and in real-life, optimism is seen as attractiveness. Further more, other people react to an attractive quality in a positive way. Optimists are usually more liked. Even the ones that don't like him or her, will react in a positive way, as it is strategically unwise not to, as other perceive them with a positive outlook. They have a high-degree centrality within their networks, which means they are the local connectors, the hubs; although perhaps not the best connector to the wider network. Organisations like yours can be made to be perceived as entities, with structures, a face of faces, local presence and be laden with attractive traits. They can alternate in being extraverted and intraverted. That requires depth! Depth you cannot give if you are too transient in your local presence. on 26 Apr 2016
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Experience design is broader than you'd think

Experience design is not to be confused with user-experience design. The latter primarily deals with human/interface-interaction. Experience design is much, much broader than that. It deals with a human centred approach, not only to a service or product, but in relation to all the surrounding modalities and the context. For instance a customer journey is much more than the touchpoints between an individual and a service or company. A person interacts with his environment and is part of a larger group and construction, like an audience within a festival, a que outside the supermarket, partaking in a collective ritual. Every change........ on 22 Mar 2016
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Quoting Greg Richards: Buzz-making and developing relationships with young people

Brands with authentic stories to tell that connect to sensibilities and values are the ones most noticed and young people are happy to participate in that brand story by sharing user-generated content. on 15 Mar 2016
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Huis Der Zotheid start crowdfunding

Als het aan initiatiefnemer Erik van Loon ligt is Rotterdam straks een nieuw literair podium rijker. Een plek waar iedereen die van Rotterdam én literatuur houdt, van ‘s ochtends vroeg tot ’s avonds laat kan samenkomen. Het Huis Der Zotheid wordt straks dé plek waar je boeken kunt lezen, lenen of kopen Daarnaast zullen er allerlei literaire activiteiten plaats gaan vinden als workshops, lezingen en voordrachten.

Naast geld vraagt Erik ook ook om boeken, tafels, stoelen en kasten. Het is de bedoeling het Huis Der Zotheid begin april te openen.

INFO: Erik Van Loon, 06 3826 5666 // on 18 Feb 2016
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New concept a'coming! Exiting!

Can't really divulge exactly what it is. However, I'm quite sure it's going to stir up the cityguiding market quite a bit! on 18 Feb 2016
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What does "Clappeye" mean?

Clappeye is an old Dutch word, meaning "loud" or loud-mouthed person. on 18 Feb 2016

New site

Nearly finished, building the new La Clappeye Concepting site. on 18 Feb 2016
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Exiting media-designer!

I'm really glad to work with our new media-designer, Benjamin Antman! Very gifted guy! on 18 Feb 2016
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Buildingblocks of experience

.Taking the thousands different aspects and facets of an experience apart, and understanding how they work, is one thing. It does not neccesarily mean that if you put them back together, they create the experience you invisioned. Context make them great and especially the presence of... you! on 17 Feb 2016
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