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The life of signs – Renk van Oyen

– The life of signs – Renk van Oyen. Over gebruik en psychologie van signage in gebouwen. In Dutch. Published on www.blog.la-clappeye.nl


Hostels and local networks: Scaling up your localness

Hostels and local networks: Scaling up your localness!
You can be a big ass hostelchain or a small and cozy local hostel, running on volunteers, depending on your uniqueness locally. In both cases there are effective and affordable ways of making the most of your localness!

Below are 5 scalable ways to engage local networks with. Scalable in the sense that all 5 of them are reachable for small and big hostels alike!

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Several of the workshops and courses are best presented face­to­face and on­location, although most of them can be done remotely. Knowledgebuilding­ and creation can best be conducted within a more substantial concept, which will benefit your services, products ands relations hugely.