Learn the tricks of the Cityguide in your own city! 

Creating guided tours for your own community? Then this is for you!


Are you a local but not a travelguide? Now you are!


 Want to be a city guide? Or perhaps you've created tours through storytelling apps like IZI Travel, TriipMe and similar platforms? Great tools to tell a story, but there are things they don't teach you. The stuff that makes you stand out from other tourguides and can make your selfcreated tours even more succesfull.

I provide affordable on-location training- both theory and practical. See below for the current cities in my training itinerary for the coming year.

The role of the cityguide has changed dramatically over the past few years. One of the many reasons is the detachment from institutions, the rise of locative technology and especially the experience economy. Many people undertake to be cityguide themselves and official licences are abandoned. Local knowledge is everything. This also means that the umbrella is still not lost and infact becomes increasingly important. It is a misconception to think that the man or woman in the street has conquered the big institutions. Even the locative technology within apps we now have, has been to the disposal of the institutions long before the consumer had access to it. Even if institutions are diminished by cutbacks or even driven from their buildings, the surrounding area is still very much institutionalised… by history, by perception, by networks, by architecture, by knowledge…. and ofcourse by you.

Local, authentic and engaging
Stay the wonderful local expert, the backpacking know-it-all, the social and engaging wonderful you that you are and at the same time, conduct real live tours, with special skills!

People from all over the world are being local tourguides, providing local knowledge for people who want the special things on their trip; Not the touristy stuff, but real, live experiences. You are there to give it to them, right?

 Doing it like a pro but staying the local expert that you are.

I'm affordable, even if you can't afford it
Get some friends together or your community members, and get your training funded and a test-audience at the same time! Contact me if you need any help!

Crowdsource your own Cityguiding training!


Gather a group of your friends, colleagues, clients or others. Ask them for a small donation and make it happen! Even if your city is not yet in my training itinerary, we can make sure it will be, if the funding is sufficient. 

Already member of a tour creation platform or interactive storytelling platform? Why not engage them to get your workshops crowdsourced and get a testing audience at the same time?


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