City PubCall coming soon

Why crawl the shots if you can call them?

City PubCall is a completely new way of creating & market pubcrawls, connecting travellers to the local!

"Building a bond between traveller and the destination is fundamental to relationship development."

"Interaction with the local community is often an important element in this process." - Greg Richards; 2016

Greg Richards on the Power of Youth Travel:

"Linking with other networksLinks to student networks, cultural events listings, bloggers and city guides build positively on established brands and attract the attention young people."

Generators of stories, to be remembered for a lifetime

(...) resorts are story generators offering visitors the opportunity to engage in acts of excess to be remembered for a lifetime (...) Many youths are aware of this and purposely engage in activities with narrative potential. (...) S. Tutenges, S. Sandberg (2013)
Pubcrawl-creation urban style!

Truely unique, your standards, your creations, all cities local!

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Integrating the urban grain

Forming collaborations with local institutions and the arts scene

Completely unique platform for......

Not calling out just yet. But we soon will be calling out to you!

Apps for creators and stakeholders

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Layered campaigns

For local, regional and international integrated campaigns. Reach your audience where- and whenever


Attract your pubcrawlers with special event-pages. Incentives, freebies, specials, entertainment.

Hostels, hotels and B&B's

Connect and cooperate with hostels, chains, hotels and B&B, locally and internationally

Making social social again!

Utilise your event-pages and all features to create funding campaigns for your locality. Engage artists, urban movements and social sharing concepts.


Connecting space to place

Alternative currency system

A unique alternative currency system that works throughout entire Europe

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Free entry level subscription

The basic campaign-profile features for pubs are free of charge!


A uniqie new channel to promote new designs, prototypes and startups with!

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